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I am not bi. My husband is. We have come to the conclusion that what would work best for us is another couple. We have a family and love our family unit. For our interest personally we would like another couple, either commited or married that would understand that we have children and a family unit. We aren't just looking for someone or another couple to have sex with. We want something beyond that. Another couple that we could go do things with.

My husband has always had the option of having a boyfriend because he would be finding something that I could not give. The same how fauxsisticated. Though when we came to that conclusion we had also agreed that I would have to "approve". Mainly someone that understood our family again and that could be part of our family.

In no ways have I asked my husband to find a girl like me. We are not at the point to find another couple yet. It is something that we are actively talking about though. There are still details that we have to work out.

My whole point to fauxsiscated was that I'm on the flip side of where she's at. I'm on her fiance's side. I'm not into girls, have no interest in a girlfriend. She's actively looking for a girl to fulfill that which her fiance cannot give her. I understand that and can appreciate that. If we had opened up our relationship from the beginning and I had found a guy and my husband had none, I would imagine he would feel a little like her. We have prior had the agreement that he could have a boyfriend. I had told him that I would enjoy if it was someone that would occasionally enjoy both of our company in the bedroom but that ultimately it was his boyfriend. Though that I would like this person to be more part of the family then just my husband's boyfriend. That has always been a point for me.

This is how I feel though. This may not be for everyone. Maybe I'm confused about polyamory still and I admit that I am new to this. But this part of why I am on this board as well as reading other sites. My thought to fauxsiscated was mainly just how I feel being the other straight person, like her fiance.

Mainly I do not want to share a girl with my husband. We would like to "share" another couple. I had suggested that fauxsiscated share a girl for the both of them, as this was kind of the arrangement my husband and I had. More that we would share him emotionally and maybe occasionally physically.
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