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thank you to everyone. we talk all the time about my feelings. im just having a really hard time knowing that i am not the only one. she has been and always will be my whole life. we have talked about him, guess i should give him a name. i will call him "h". anyways we have talked about her feelings for h and they go way back to when they were both in highschool. its very hard for me to comprehend that they still have those types of feelings for each other almost 20 years later. i think my biggest issue is the whole " im gonna be replaced thing" i am told by my wife"k" that she loves the life she has with me and will always be with me. she has no intrest in leaving to start another life with h. i have told k that i would really like to meet h when he comes to our area next time. by the way they have a long distance relatioship, its about a 14 hour drive. so when they do get a chance to meet it would be for a weekend getaway. i have tried to keep my mind focused on other things but my hobbies and what little personal life i have outside of us just isnt enough. we do everything together. our hobbies, our friends, everything. like i said she is my life. sorry kinda rambled again. writing my thoughts and feelings has helped, i slept better last nite.
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