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Originally Posted by sage View Post
I think you are being a bit delusional. If this woman and her husband did not have a close relationship she would not be "eaten up" by his relationship with you.
I disagree with sage and it's not fair to suggest you are delusional because of your statement about the quality of their relationship. It is very possible that she could be "eaten up" by his relationship with you simply because of her own insecurities. It might not have anything to do with the quality of their relationship. My lover, Charles is in a dysfunctional relationship with Holland. The type of relationship they have would never satisfy me. She is very insecure about my relationship with Charles. In fact, I would dare to say that the fact that she is having a hard time is more about the lack of security in their own relationship.

Every case is different. We can only share our experience, strength and hope. Keep sharing!!

Originally Posted by sage View Post
since my marriage broke up and I fell in love with my new partner I have found it really difficult to accept his continued love for a secondary. But now with the help of the forum I am confident that I can grow into the life and my relationship with be all the better for it.
thanks again. sage
Welcome and I hope you find words of strength and encouragment here. We help one another by sharing our thoughts and feelings. Somehow it is a comfort to know there are others out there struggling with some of the same issues!!
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.

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