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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Have a tea and read a book. Take a night off Roly
or talk to Nerdist while I deal with cat pee on a carpet. I shook it out side and it splattered all over me... I tried to put it in the wash and there was a back up of washing and I was covered in pee and holding a pee soaked mat.

I had to cut your conversation short in order to get some help sorry for interrupting.

I suggested to Nerdist that perhaps he should drive you around a bit to look at areas... there is some beautiful places that don't mean you have to live in the city, but I realize it might be hard to know this if you are busing it. Maybe it would help? It sounds like your alternative is not great either... you already lived there once no? and had to leave there too... although I don't know the circumstances.
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