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My two cents :P

I can't say I was overly pleased with the documentary. Although it was cool to see a doc focus on some of the positive aspects of poly stuffs, the family they focused on (Quad with a man and 3 women) really rubbed me the wrong way.

I know, I know, 'my poly' is not 'their poly' and what they are doing works for them so all the more power to them.

The things that seemed to 'irk' me were:

- that by his own admission, the husband did not 'allow' the women in the quad to have outside relationships.

- even though 2 of the women were not particularly fond of each other, everyone shared the same bed. No personal space or privacy at all seems strange to me. I can't imagine sharing a bed with someone I didn't feel comfortable with. And the 2 'girlfriends' got kicked out of bed at 6am each morning for the following reason...

- their kids were not aware of the arrangement (which I understand has it's practicalities, I just find it odd to have a living arrangement that's so secretive).

- this is just my opinion, but it irked me that the latest girlfriend in the picture was there on admittedly 'trial' basis, it was unknown if she was going to fit in with their dynamic. With kids involved, it just seemed reckless to toss someone into that arrangement of living together after only a few months of dating.

My other critique was the big, free love gathering at the end, complete with naked people dancing around. It did give the impression that poly folks are all free love hippies running around naked having sex with everyone... That poly sure as heck ain't my poly! No one will see my butt dancing around in a field in front of anyone, even those I love dearly :P

I really liked one of the other families they featured, a V triad with a woman and 2 men. Perhaps because I related to them the most.

Regardless of my own views on the doc, I would recommend a viewing just to see what your take on it is.
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