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Well, it had to happen eventually. I am out of town as I have to do more often that I'd like and my wife and G#2 got together without me. I knew they would at some point but my wife had put up a barrier. I guess she wanted to protect me, and in some way G#2, and try to make our triangle a lot more even. Anyway, I'm feeling sad and lonely about it and I wish I wasn't. Trying to process my feelings about it.
On the day I left I tried to wake my wife up early because it had been a couple of days since we'd had sex. In fact the last time I had sex was with G#2 a week ago. I really wanted some from my wife before I left, but she is just not a morning person. I tried to let it go... but I was really horny and told her that after I had left and told her that I was going to absolutely have to masturbate. I was just JACKED up. My wife has had me do this a few times when I go out of town where she asks me not to masturbate so that I will be all crazy fired up for her. So, I resisted, still have actually. And I think that's a part of what I'm feeling. I mean, I thought they would hook up without me while I was gone. I expected it. But my wife said she wouldn't, that she would have time, etc. But now I'm kind of feeling like a fool for going, now a solid week without having an orgasm, and being lonely and sleeping alone while she and G#2 are having a blast. I feel really selfish at the moment too... and I don't like it. I have a strong feeling they are together right now while I'm struggling to sleep. I fly back home tomorrow.
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