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Default Vancouver social settings -- thanks!

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Wow the vancouver poly scene is seemingly huge. I am a couple of hours north so I am not active by any stretch.

The primary place to meet online is while a bdsm site, don't let that scare you aware, there is a large...very large contingent of poly people from vancouver on that site. Yes most are kinky but they can seperate the kink from the relationships. also has a forum on there that is hopefully getting more active as I despise the yahoo groups format (did I say how much I hate it)...there are also sub forums for poly and looking or just plain poly and kinky...not to mention a new poly sarcastic sub forum which is currently quite comical.

Vanpoly has monthly meetings for the group, the men, the women and I think are putting together a social time.

Libido lounge is a sex positive club that has all sorts of days, meetings and members. Jennifer boasts a large poly subset of her group and they have friendly non sexual get togethers

Lastly, you could try okcupid. Its a matchmaker site that is poly friendly...they also have a lot of people local to vancouver on it. Should be able to meet like minded people that way.

good luck...Vancouver, by comparison to most cities, is a hotbed of poly loving. Victoria as well. You are in a good spot to find like minded people.
Thank you so much for your prompt and informative reply!

It certainly seemed like Vancouver should be ripe with such a community...casual searching close at hand seemed to be pointing more towards the island and south, to Seattle, and so your feedback (and anyone else's) is highly valued!

It's interesting to note that the "fet set" can engage or keep separate their kink, as needed, although it makes sense when you think it through, given the open-minded sorts at hand.

Libido Lounge looks quite active, with a variety of events..."Deviant Dining" appears to be a more tame meet and greet sort of thing which may be interesting...can anyone comment on experiences at such an evening?

I've since grabbed an account on fetlife, where I perused the vanpoly group as a starting point. I've subscribed to the vanpoly mailing list (just the "e-mail to subscribe" one, since I have an irrational aversion to yahoo groups), and am awaiting acceptance into the local poly meetup group. I've been perusing okcupid, typically with a search for "poly", just to get familiar with things at the moment.

I guess from here on out, I'll keep my eyes on the mailing lists, calendars, and okcupid for potential friends who may also have additional suggestions.

Again, thank you for the feedback! (further recommendations are always welcome)

I look forward to becoming more engaged in the community found on these forums, and will get to that introductory post relatively soon
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