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Originally Posted by pyxiegrl View Post
Being how you are bi would you consider a girlfriend for the both of you? Not just his or yours but one girl for the both of you? As in anything communication and respect must there and remember that you and your fiance are the primary.
This seems to be a common question. A woman for both of us, hmmmm, if you think about it, it's probably unlikely you will find this. It happens, but is short lived and hard to find.... they are called "unicorns" for that reason. Do a search on here to find out more.

Usually one person is not into the other in the long run and the relationship ends because there is the heart ache of someone being left out. It's easier to find someone that suits you. Your partner could do the same.

Sure, you will find someone that will have sex with you both perhaps, but when it comes to something more deep than that, it's not the same thing. Perhaps the sex is all you want and if so, some swinging might be an idea.... although swinging didn't work for me, I am more of and involved connected, deep lover than swinging allowed. It's more about getting off on someones body. It will fulfill the image of your spouse having sex with another or you doing it for them to see though. Alcohol and swinging can sometimes mean that someone might not be as aware of what they are doing as if they were sober. That could also lead to some issues too.

Really, it seems poly with good results seems to be in finding someone on your own....
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