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I would want honesty... a brave person would be good. Someone willing to work with me and my primary. I would also like someone that is okay around animals. No pet allergies... lol. Someone that can handle their own feelings and mood swings... if they can't do it on their own then they need to be able to communicate we me/us. I'm still new to it all so I really can't say what other qualites I would like... the obvious of course. Health, smarts, humor, a clean person * I am not a maid... unless you buy me the costume * humm... and I would also like a person that loves to go on road trips. I'm a homebody and I don't go clubbing much but I love to hop in the car and see new places. Oh, and some sort of physical activity. I ride my bike and job w/ my dog. My guy surfs and runs... I want someone that loves being active but at the same time I want someone that can just chill out if that is what's on the agenda.
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