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Thanks for the response. To answer your question... it started out as...omg, he's really into her and they are touching!!! lol.... then, the more I watched (I tried to give them time alone but they were right in front of the window heheh) the more I saw how nice and gentle he was with her... he wasn't being rude and she seemed so relaxed.. it turned me on. I'll be honest, I haven't been that attracted to my guy. Everyone goes through this sometimes, I wasn't worried. It comes and goes. But after this weekend I am all hot and bothered again. It feels like it did when we first met. Keep in mind this all happened yesterday. Me and my guy talked some more today about it. He told the other girl how I felt (I'm She comes from a very open minded household and she is attracted to girls. She told my guy that I was "nice" and that she "liked me even more" when he told her about me "spying" on them. So, I am jealous but not in a bad way. I'm enjoying this.

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