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Wow the vancouver poly scene is seemingly huge. I am a couple of hours north so I am not active by any stretch.

The primary place to meet online is while a bdsm site, don't let that scare you aware, there is a large...very large contingent of poly people from vancouver on that site. Yes most are kinky but they can seperate the kink from the relationships. also has a forum on there that is hopefully getting more active as I despise the yahoo groups format (did I say how much I hate it)...there are also sub forums for poly and looking or just plain poly and kinky...not to mention a new poly sarcastic sub forum which is currently quite comical.

Vanpoly has monthly meetings for the group, the men, the women and I think are putting together a social time.

Libido lounge is a sex positive club that has all sorts of days, meetings and members. Jennifer boasts a large poly subset of her group and they have friendly non sexual get togethers

Lastly, you could try okcupid. Its a matchmaker site that is poly friendly...they also have a lot of people local to vancouver on it. Should be able to meet like minded people that way.

good luck...Vancouver, by comparison to most cities, is a hotbed of poly loving. Victoria as well. You are in a good spot to find like minded people.
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