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Damn browser crashing...retype time

Memorial day is a time to remember the fallen. My thoughts are with those fallen and hurt.

"Should" all become poly???
No...I consider poly as a romantic thing. I know others make it all inclusive, but that leaves me feeling uncomfortable. So for me you are asking the question "is everyone poly" they aren' "should" they shouldn't.

Is it more "holy" and "spiritual"?? isn't. are excluding a whole slew of atheists and agnostics who don't apply spirituality into their day to day lives, let alone love. Myself included

but I do believe that we could all benefit from seeing love as being abundant, and others as ultimately being "one" with ourselves
In a non romantic, all encompassing, love is awesome kind of way. I agree But love isn't the solution to all of the worlds problems. There are people, who to their core, regardless of communication cannot get along. Love won't heal that...communication might ...
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