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Default Polyamory and Memorial Day

I saw a photo today on the headlines of AOL. It was taken three years ago at Arlington Cemetery. It was of a young woman who was lying prostate at the grave of her dead fiance. He was a soldier who had died in Afghanistan. I just started bawling my eyes out.

The connection with poly and Memorial Day? Maybe none, but in my mind....We are indeed all "one". The human race. The divisiveness in our day to day lives, in our world, has to stop. If we cannot learn to set aside our jealousies, our possessiveness, need for total control and ownership, a belief in "scarcity" when it comes to love...what hope is there? Not to say that I don't struggle with these traits. I do. But I'm consciously working on not giving into them. "Should" all become poly??? Is it more "holy" and "spiritual"?? I don't know, but I do believe that we could all benefit from seeing love as being abundant, and others as ultimately being "one" with ourselves, (Just call me Pollyanna or should I say "Poly"anna?! )

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