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Hi RP,

Well - although I've also never seen references - or labels - to such people/behavior, I'm certainly not surprised.

I know I for one - and maybe others (?) have written in the past of the dangers of such people with their agendas trying to 'infiltrate' ANY group (culture) that seems to have something going for them and skim the cream off the top with total disregard for the damage they leave behind.

Have witnessed/experienced this personally in the past. I've also seen ample evidence of this behavior in the poly community.

It's sad - but predictable. And I know this would not be my first warning to be on guard and look out for such individuals and behavior. This is one of the biggest downsides I've raved about regarding the whole concept of poly 'activisim', media attention etc. If you have discovered a secret formula and the word gets out you have no choice but to go into defensive mode. The vultures always will exist.

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