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Thanks to all who have taken the time to post thoughts and ideas. I greatly appreciate it. Lots of food for thought.

I've already decided I wouldn't get a new job and move just out of hopes that a relationship would develop if I lived closer. I've been wanting to move to a warmer climate with more resources and with people who hold more liberal viewpoints and values. Where they live meets those criteria. Currently I live in a very small town in Utah that is mostly Mormon. I have some very kind, loving friends, but most people still hold to traditional male-female roles, beliefs and values. Also, I consider myself a "spiritual" person, not a religious person, and certainly not L.D.S. I've just made it a point not to get into discussions about religion/spritiuality, but I end up suppressing large parts of myself.

I think that even if I didn't become part of a polyamorous relationship with this couple, we'd still all be friends. We share several common interests. In fact, we've talked about the possibility of eventually setting up a wholistic healing practice since it's a big interest all 3 of us share.

This next week I'm going to be attending a S.C.A. event (Society for Creative Anachronism) along with this couple. We'll be there about 5 days. Since we're volunteering for various things, I'm not sure we'll have much time together, but it will be good to see them again. I'll be sharing a tent with her guess I'll have the chance to meet even more of the family! (I'm disappointed that I won't be sharing a tent with him, but I guess that's one of the "cooperative" aspects of poly???) I've always been interested in Renaissance re-enactment, but never had the courage to go on my own. Hopefully we'll have some time to all sit down together and talk about some of the issues I've raised and any that they have.

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