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Default Very true,,,,computers r a wonderful thing

Like I said before my Hubby has been my support in all this.I was telling my Hubby people say poly people are special people to have big love enough to share with more then one is special.I must say Sage, u & my Hubby & many more people who are Mono are special kind of people as well.I know it is hard at time for my Hubby. He knows this makes me happy & he want me to be happy.I know this life style is going against the grain of the norm.I feel the same as you not talking to people who don't or don't want to understand .Is a good idea.I saw JJ & ML today.JJ was stand offish.I'm sure this is hard on him.When we said good bye I looked him in the eyes & he said a lot just by the staring he gave me.My feeling I got was this is hard on him.I know it's been hard on me as well.My hubby said when I'm sad he is sad as well.He said what happens to me affects him as well.I'm sure your right I'm sure JJ hasn't been him self & ML will realize the poly thing might not be so bad after all.I Luv ML as well as I Luv JJ.I'm not here in a poly relationship to hurt anyone.I'm a loving,caring lady Thanks,Sage
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