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Default Expanding on Ariakas's point

I'm with Ari on this one, without being against LR/PolyGrrl (the author of the post being referenced). I've been in situations like Ari's concerned about, where the person who is the most sensitive drives the group and makes the majority uncomfortable, and won't compromise or even acknowledge that everyone else is bending over backwards. It's rough stuff for everyone (except perhaps the person who's stopped up the works), and it's what keeps me from supporting the "go at the pace of the weakest member" strategy in general.

The poly community, at least in its talk (if not its walk), tends to be better than most about acknowledging that the person with an issue needs to own up to it: "Here's the context for why that triggered me. I want you to hear that I feel this way, and then when I'm calm I want to talk about next steps." I think that makes us awesome!

Also, Autumnal: I'm curious to hear more about your issue with the blog poster. What about it don't you think will work for everyone? (I've already admitted that I'm with Ariakas that it's not a perfect post, so the concern is largely philosophical.) I'd love to hear specifics, if you're willing to share.

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