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Originally Posted by fauxsisticated View Post
He's very vague about things sometimes. He didn't promise he would use condoms, but I voiced my strong preference for him to do so. I told him I'd like him to have some on him when he goes to see her or any other girl, even if he doesn't anticipate the situation to turn sexual. In the past, he's not been so great about using them with me. He's fought me about it before. I know he doesn't particularly like using them, and I'm afraid if she doesn't insist, he won't do it. That's how it's been with me. There have been times when I probably should have insisted he use a condom, but didn't for some incredibly stupid reason, and we had sex anyway. I felt very foolish afterward.

I do have some trust issues here, and it is based on past behavior.
It seems that the number one deal breaker and poly rule/boundary is safe sex. Like the BDSM world, if a person becomes known as someone who is not practicing safe sex, then they can easily be ostracized. Just a thought, but poly communities can become very tight when one has screwed up and hasn't been practicing proper poly etiquette. Poly communities are small to begin with usually, word gets around when a guy is not that big on condoms.
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