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Originally Posted by sage View Post
I'm certainly no expert on being poly but I wouldn't think that it is a very good idea to launch yourself straight back into trying to find another poly relationship. I know it's very tempting to try and ease the pain but new relationships are, in my opinion, always better approached from a place of peace than pain, which is obviously where you are right now. Sounds like you have a lovely husband, why not enjoy that relationship more fully for a while?

Good luck

I do agree with you Sage,My Hubby is a wonderful guy.We have found our love to be a stronger bond through our poly life. ~
I'm not going to go out & find a new poly partner but if they come I wouldn't refuse it from happening either. ~
Also you asked if I new ML before I was with her hubby JJ.My answer to you is no.I met ML & JJ at the same time.ML new that she couldn't or didn't want to give what JJ needed & at first we didn't know there was a word for what we were doing.Until my Hubby researched on line & found poly.Also during this relationship ML came out that she was Bi I'm not Bi but I must say there were times ML & I got close in a physical way.She loves me I know that.It wasn't until she felt pressure from her friends that she felt poly was wrong.It goes on & on.I want to thank u again for taking the time & reading my thread.
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