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Originally Posted by saudade View Post
Ariakas-- What?! There's got to be a story there!
Haha, I was young...16 or 17. She was one half of a twin sisterhood. My buddy had the one girl and I was supposed to be with the other. We were camping, chilling out, drinking beer at a young age. She was a talker, and I was extremely shy at this point. She talked...a lot...about her shoelaces. Remember the shiny ones, that glowed in the dark and had glitter on ya...she didn't shut up about them. Seriously....3 hours...I thought I was gonna die...

I tried to change the subject but she was stuck on her shoelaces...

First time I realized I really needed a girl with a brain...looking at the timeline she is likely part of the reason I ended up with my first common law wife. But thats a whole other story

oh and as for the friend with the didn't work out much better.
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