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Does it you make you laugh when you think about your kids being grown up, and that they'll probably refer to you as "weird", "hippies", or "awesome" lol

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel super pink, like love is in the air and everything is wonderful. And then you realize you have 2(or more) people that you feel that way about...and then you feel EVEN MORE PINK!

For those pseudo-anthropologists in the forum. Do you ever wonder if the reason why we poly people eventually all want a big-er happy wonderful loving family living together in this gross uber-corny loving co-habitat situation is because we don't live in tribes anymore? I think

Have you got in an argument with one lover, only to have the other love basically love smack your negative emotions down? Did it make you go, "wtf?"

Have you ever been getting kinky with your lover, your other lover, and your other lover and thought..."hehehehe".

Have you ever been making love with your lover, and your other lover...and your other lover, and thought..."OMG I HAVE THE BEST LIFE IN THE FUCKING WORLD"
1. There's no preventing it, I suspect.
2. I don't imagine it being pink, honestly. I do feel fuzzies!
3. Personally, (as a pseudo-anthropologist, with credentials!) I think the answer is yes. I also think I'd still be poly, even if I lived tribally.
4. It took me awhile to learn the difference between healthy venting with other loves during/after a fight, and unhealthy variants on the same... Never been surprised to have any of them talk sense into me-- that's what they're here for!
5. Yes, though not as often as I'd like.
6. Not yet, sadly. Three lovers in one night (separately) did make me have the same reaction!

I did have a gf once talk about shoelaces for 3 hours...within the 4th hour I had broken up with her.
Ariakas-- What?! There's got to be a story there!
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