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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Don't know where you're getting the 97%, but the stats I'm reading say 12-15% failure rate, as high as 36% with teenagers.
The 12 to 15 % failure rate is with typical use, the 2 % failure rate is for perfect use. To achieve more protection than typical use is not difficult, because typical use includes not always using condoms, penetration before the condom is put on and not doing anything is the condom breaks or slips off (like taking the emergency contraceptives.

Also, in the US, both the Paragard (non-hormonal) and the Mirena (hormonal) IUDs are available to women who have not had children. With an experienced provider and precautions during the first month of use, the risks are incredibly small. I have a Mirena and it was the best health decision I ever made.
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