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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
I'd have to say that I disagree, at least to some degree. It appears she's trying to force a particular approach on everybody, and that's simply not practical, for starters, and dysfunctional on a deeper level. One size does not fit all, square pegs vs round holes, and all that.
Autumnal-if she were posting it on a self-help website or something I might agree with you.
But she's not. This is from her own personal blog, where it's all about HER.

As I've pointed out before on here, it's COMMON practice to put on the front page of a blog the disclaimers about this being about "me" and not "everyone".
But it's not something that needs to be repeated in each post. It would waste a lot of space for me to copy ALL of that stuff instead of just the post that I was interested in; so I don't.

I like the fact that she really holds herself accountable for these responsibilities in a relationship.
I like that she's forthright also in the fact that not doing so has consequences-and those consequences affect everyone, not just the person whose not holding themself accountable.
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