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Originally Posted by maca View Post
communication has never been a strong suit for me.
Hey Maca,

Well, don't apologize for who you are. As much as 'communication' is important, it's equally important to feel free to be yourself. When we are trying to do the best we can (and that has to be genuine) that too needs acknowledgment. There's nothing that can sink someone's efforts any quicker than feeling constant pressure to achieve some loosely defined level of anything when you are really breaking a sweat doing what you can already !

This can even slide in under the heading we talk so much about - a desire to minimize competition while working towards a common best solution for everyone.

Maybe you are a little insecure about communication stuff - where you've already tagged yourself as a poor communicator ? Maybe it's an unjustified label ? Just like there's little black & white in other stuff in life, there's not just good & bad at communicating. There's a zillion levels of gray in between.

The key to good friendships/relationships etc is to allow space for everyone's strengths and weaknesses. You try to boost someone where you can, but can't (or shouldn't) turn a little assistance into a project to make someone into something they aren't - UNLESS they are requesting it.

Maybe if you all just take a deep breath and clear the air about what may be misconceptions you'll discover that you're concern is unjustified.

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