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Welcome to the boards, to my wonderful hubby. I'm glad to see you joined, along with Jack and Bobbi.....I'm also glad that we have found this site, for information on our new found relationship. I figured we were'nt the first to allow such a tight relationship, so after some research, I have found "what we are"'s been such a fun trip thus far, and am looking forward to lots more fun. I can't believe that after 6 years of swinging, that we have finally found, what really fits us. Swinging just never really did it for me..I needed a "boyfriend" situation..i'm just so much more comfortable. This morning, I look forward to spending the day on the boat, with the rest of my quad. Thanks for letting Jack and I go grocery shopping last night...I knew we could make it a very interesting trip....we did run into one person we knew...not sure what he thought, we went into his store, and he knows you and I, quite well. Oh well, let the vanilla's think what they want..LOLOLOL
xoxooxox Candi
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