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Originally Posted by Taamar View Post
I know parents who agonize over not loving their children 'equally'. I know kids who worry about being 'unfaithful' to a parent in divorce because they still love the other parent. I've seen a lot of children, even infants, who are jealous of the attention one parent gives the other. Sibling rivalry (you HAVE to love one of us best!) is everywhere. And I remember quite clearly the middle school drama of "you can't be best friends with her, you're best friends with ME!"
I've actually heard that most parents have a "favorite" child even though they'll swear up and down that they love their children equally. When my best friend was pregnant with her second, she felt tremendous guilt because she already knew that she loved her first child more than the one growing inside of her.

I'll be the first to admit, I have a favourite cat. But when the other one got sick, I cried and was terrified that she would die, and very willingly shelled out a big wad of cash to have her taken care of.

In grade 4, we had a "best-friend-triad." But over the summer before 5th grade, two of us grew closer. The "third" picked up on it and felt really hurt, so she went and made some other good friends, and the two of us became BFFs (where "forever" was until Grade 9 :P ahh, adolescence!). Now, 20 years later, the two of them are very close friends, having had kids around the same time and finding much in common as mom, whereas I went in the opposite direction as an academic non-parent.
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