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Lightbulb I feel for you but......

Originally Posted by lexisme View Post
My name is Lex,I've been in a poly relationship for almost a yr.I am married to my Hubby for 23yrs & my poly friend is married as well.His wife is not poly & this type of relationship between her Hubby & I ~ I will call him JJ~ was eating her up.His wife & I are close friends I will call her ML.ML broke our poly relationship up 3 wks ago.I'm still trying to deal with my feelings on this.I no JJ has deep feeling for me as well as I do for him.ML & JJ don't have a close Marriage bond like Hubby & I do.So I think JJ chose to stay with ML & try to work on his marriage. JJ has not sat down with me I feel lost,hurt.I'm not mad at JJ cause I know he's not strong enough to face me I think he would break down & he's trying to avoid me for that reason.My Hubby has been wonderful.He is the one who has been there to support me.He's not a poly person but he does believe in poly for other people.I know ML has feeling for me as well as JJ does.That is a whole other story.She also wants all 4 of us to stay friends.She still wants to hang out like the good old days.We tried doing this last wk but things feel different.I don't think we can ever be like we use to be.ML doesn't want to believe that JJ & I had feelings for each other.She wants to believe it was sex driven.That is not true- there were many time where we didn't have sex.I'm not sure what to think how to feel.I'm a lost soul right now.I want to believe that this is not over that JJ & ML will work things out & JJ will come back.......

On a happy note I'm not giving up on Polyamory.I would luv to meet more people that live this life style & learn from you!!

Thanks for reading,Luv Lex
I think you are being a bit delusional. If this woman and her husband did not have a close relationship she would not be "eaten up" by his relationship with you. My partner is poly, I am mono and accepting his secondary is an ongoing struggle for me. I would love to know whether you and she were friends before your relationship with him or as a result of it? I think that makes a big difference.
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