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Thank you redpepper and phoenix762. I have no idea if my wife would go poly, and as you say I don't think now would be the time to ask. Yes, I will browse here.

Thinking about having more than one lover has been a lot to think about. Seems like in American society if a woman has more than one man she is called all manner of awful names. The same for a man bedding more than one woman. Why? Because they are able to love more than one person at a time. Why isn't that thought of as generous?

A parent may love child (as a parent of course) and spouse at the same time, and that is loving more than one person. But take multiple lovers and it's a threat to the church and the government, can ruin a person's career or even family. I DON'T GET how our society became this. Even in the Bible neither the Hebrews nor most of the other peoples were monogamous. Where did this come from?
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