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Default some final thoughts

Again thankyou everyone for your insight...

I think that it is more of an adjustment/ growth period for myself. I say that I want to be involved more intimately, which is true, but what i am really asking for is it not to be ruled out. I found that as things moved along that I was becoming more & more anxious about "where it is headed".. etc..

Well, this morning I feel better. The bottom line is that my wife's not ready for my intimate involvement right now & if she's not than neither am I. What I did hear, which was all I needed to, was that relationships grow in the future & it'll go where "we all" want it to go. 'nuf said..

This journey for me is not neccessarily a sexual, but an emotional & inellectual attraction to my wife & her gf. I am part of the "experience".. & I love it! ...hb..
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