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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
This is what I was referring to. Not to mention that she admits that her husband was "not ok with it". This alone implies that it was cheating. Then, she got "busted" by her mother and yeah...the rest of the story. But the reality was that the husband was "not ok with it" at that point, but lied and told the mother that he was.

I understand that he is NOW ok with it. Thats a different issue entirely.

I'm done here. Her husband wants everyone to leave it as he is apparently ok with it now....So...I'm leaving it alone.
Nope, sorry. I'm fine with others getting the last word as long as it doesn't accuse me of anything or involve untruths. TL4, from the beginning you made assumptions and filled in blanks w/o ever asking for clarification.

You have now assumed that dh only knew about my bf being over b/c my mother busted in on me. Absolutely untrue--dh knew 100% that R was coming over that night and was okay with that. I called him so that my mother could hear that directly from him. The statement about him not being ok was always addressing his general feelings about our poly relationship (even though as I've said and will not say again, he came to me giving consent; I hadn't even requested it).

Oh, and rolling ones eyes to another's truth is great netiquette. And now, you accuse my husband of lying. He acted from the position that my mother was not in a need-to-know. He gave her what she needed to hear to get the h*ll out of our business, and then moved on. Where he is at on any given day (and it still fluctuates) is for he and I to address, which we do.

And now I am done with this conversation.
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