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Hey Jack...nice to see you have joined the forum...looking forward to a very sexy weekend with you...ummmmm.....things have turned pretty hot lately, and i'm loving it!!
The four of us have been having really enjoying our new found relationship, and it's been pretty unbelievable, considering that we have lived next to each other, for almost 7 years, and now we have all fallen in love with each other. I can't get over how I feel like i'm 16 again, when i'm with you. It doesn't matter, if we are hanging together as a foursome, or just being alone, I love it all. I miss you in between, as do our significant other's. This is going to be a very special weekend, with our birthday's being celebrated.
Sounds like a sleepover is in (Jack and I share the same birthday, which is pretty cool)...
The high that all of us have been on, has been awesome!! The endorphine's have been out of control. Normally, I would be concerned about future damage to our neighbor status, but under the circumstances, I think we are all powerless, to worry or wonder about the future, so i'm just going with it. At this point, it would be hard, not to have you in my life. We are all lucky, in the way, that we don't have children involved, which would only complicate things. Ahhh, the freedom to do what we about being spoiled. It's gotten to the point, where i'm not sure who i'm waking up with...which is very exciting.
Hope you got some good rest last night, I have some big plans for you!!!
Glad you took the weekend off...your' going to need it....
Kissing you soon.... Candi
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