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Default need some support

I am now embarking on a poly relationship with my bf. Up until now, we have both been mono, but pretty much from the beginning of our relationship ( 3 years now), he has said he is definitely poly in his heart, he just never really acted on it. In the last 6 months, he got in touch with a girlfriend from HS that his says he has always loved. They have been texting and it is getting very hot. He wants to go see her and has made arrangements for a weekend trip to the east coast to see her and have sex together. I understand his need to see someone who was an important part of his life as a younger person ( we are both older and fairly recently divorced). But I am feeling a bit queasy.
He is open about his feelings and we are both very much in love, and it is clear that I am his primary, but he has strong desires to love fully and others.
I had a very adventurous past, but had a monogamous marriage for a really long time. All this is new to me.
He asked me how much information do I want to know? I feel like sometimes I want to hear about his love for her and what they are doing, and other times I am very upset by what he says. He is headed out to see her next weekend and I am feeling like I need some support to get through it.
Any suggestions?
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