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NRE that involves multiple partners can be a flat out train wreck of steam rolling pace and subconscious disregard for reality
^I'm pretty sure I've never heard truer words before, hahahahaha. I can't even begin to express how hilarious this is to me because, it's true.

The biggest lesson I've personally learned, is selflessness in the purest form. Selflessness as defined by giving a higher consideration and awareness for people and things(in this case people you love) other than what you give yourself at all times. some examples:

-Can I have that? "no, i want it" -selfish
-Talk to me, i want you to let me in! "no, leave me alone" -selfish
-I felt hurt when you I called you and really missed you, and you sounded cold and distant on the phone. "I don't care" - selfish

Without a loss of self-love and self-respect I've managed to be able to consider my loved ones in all state of minds, and react according to my love for them. If i'm mad, I try to calm as fast as possible and let it out. If i'm sad, I don't shell up and go inside myself. I try to give as much as myself mentally to my partner as much as I do physically. I've learned that a lot of people don't know the difference...but there is one. And it's a pretty big thing to me. I've learned to act accordingly to the love that's in my heart. I'm not a master at it yet, but I've learned what to do and how to do it, and i'm all the better because of it.

more to come...
-"There hasn't been a person i've been with that I didn't love for 10 seconds to 10 years." David Duchovny
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