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In a sort of said that men taint women, hahaha. you know, you're right though....your explanation of energy sort of hits home. You've managed to soothe my feelings of injustice for this ideal. At least it explains why it's a difficult subject vs. what I previously thought. I've done a lot of research of the phenomenon of energy, and I can relate to what you're talking about.

On the other hand...I still feel there's something unfair about the situations that were presented in the previous posts. I mean, what you went through and felt involving a different feminine energy makes perfect sense. But, it only seems to apply in situations where that energy would be cut off; like spending time together, or sexual experience, and things like that. What if Derby was BI and had that obvious male-influenced hormonal energy as well? Would it then be less difficult if Nerdist fell for derby?

Going back to a Vee -> Triad scenario though; why wouldn't it be possible for B to at least have a dense connection to "C" without interrupting B and C's relationship? 3 best friends, don't spend all their time with each other. They hang out with each other individually and all together as well.

Idk...but at least seeing your perspective opened my eyes a bit. I supposed it's a bit more complicated.
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