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Thanks for your insight rpcrazy...

Well, my wife & I had another conversation on the topic last evening. You are right... she does view her & her girlfriend in some sort of justifiable light & feels it is different from what my involvement would be... even after I explained that it is less of a physical attatchment & more of an emotional one for me. Also that it has made our love (wife & me) stronger, more intimate, etc... & she has noticed a very positive change in me too.

After I came to the conclusion that my wife really does not want me to be involved on an intimate level as a triad relationship, I asked her to remember one thing... "This journey has made me a better person.. made me feel better about myself, think of what it has done for me & our relationship?" I also said to her that "If you could get inside my head to truely feel what I am feeling, there is NO threat to you"... you get the idea.

I want them to continue & I will remain her gf's good friend.. but, there is a whole future out there waiting to be lived... ...hb..

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