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I've been paying attention to this more since I first answered the question.
The truth is I call him M'ebe when we are home or in public and I'm talking to him, which is my pet name for him.
If I'm introducing him, I call him by his given name.

At boyscouts I refer to him as "the boys uncle" because they have always identified him as their uncle. The ROLE he takes in their life is very similar to the role my sister has taken in their life. COMMONLY people who are only in our lives due to scouts or home school activities identify GG and Em as the kids "aunt and uncle" in a way that suggests that they are a couple.
We don't bother to correct it.These people are peripherally involved in our lives, never invited home with us or anything like that.

But if someone asks in the adult social circles we are involved in, I just tell them he's my bestfriend or boyfriend based on what is most likely to be comfortable for HIM and for Maca.

For example-at church, best friend; Maca's work-best friend; random adults at grocery store, boyfriend; hospital/dr. offices, boyfriend.

The hospital brings up another interesting technicality. I made a point of identifying him as my boyfriend and doing all the paperwork that he was my emergency contact because I want him to have the right to be at my side if needed. Maca HAS those rights. As my husband those rights are guaranteed to him-and that makes me VERY VERY happy. But, I don't want GG left out of the loop because he's not my husband. He's a critical and integral part of my life and my heart-he should be side by side with Maca as Maca's supporting friend if anything were to go wrong.
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