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Originally Posted by jewelsymom View Post

Is there anyway to push through this and get a real conversation going? Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Love and hugs to everyone!
It sounds to me as though your conversation has got going and he is very clear that this is not something he wants.

He obviously loves you a lot, Jewelsymom. To me he has proven this simply by not leaving a monogamous relationship when he fully understands that you need more intimacy. I am always amazed at the strength in others to do this. Perhaps if he really faces this he worries it will be too much?

I wouldn't recommend sugar coating your reasons for needing to express love in a more intimate way. Eventually it comes down to simply needing or wanting more which you have already said yourself. Flopping back and forth will probably look as though you are willing to say anything to get what you want. If he can come to accept it based on the solid truth, then you can move forward with a sound foundation. It does sound as though he is very understanding and gives you a lot of freedom in all but a very focussed sexual way, maybe this is his boundary. Every one has them. Trying to find the balance between needs, wants and individual acceptability is often the challenge IMO.

There is no right or wrong in either of your positions. It may eventually come down to different wants and needs leading to different paths.

I hope you both find what you need to be fullfilled.
Take care

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