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Default A fond hello

I just found this site and have been reading through the various posts and personal stories. Like many others i came to this lifestyle choice through other folks that were living and loving in a spiritual and open way.

When i was fifteen I met a woman who was involved in a group marriage. It was a beautiful thing to see these two couples and there kids together. They were also metaphysicaly inclined and over ten years I learned so very much in my friendship with them. Ilearned how a communal family has the same needs and frustrations as the more mundane famlies I had known. I learned that I could be listened to with respecr despite my age. I was never exposed to the more physical aspects of theor marriage and when I actually figured that out and asked I was given "Stranger in a Strange Land" to read.

These experiences shaped a great deal of my young world veiw that I embraced with joy and live today.

It has been a difficult road and in some ways still is. ITry ing to explain to potential boyfriends this lifestyle and not have it be centered on sex. Although loving connection is a great and central part of this lifestyle it is basicaly spiritual for me. The greater love that can be experienced beyond jealosies and with co-creation.

I would very much like to connect to others in my area (Seattle) to explore these ideas and relationships. I am older and have an interest in meeting others that veiw this as a spitiual journey.

I am a hypnotherapist and Reiki master. I am also Wiccan. Thanks for reading this. There are many adventures to share.

Blessed Be Jessa
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