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Default Foodie-porn!

Originally Posted by Olivier View Post
Talking aboot food-porn.. care to go deeper into that? In the last months I have sometimes experienced eating as a sort of aphrodisiac. It made me want to eat and have sex at the same time. I've never had that before.. becoming horny because of food.. and don't know anything about it either. I guess it would be about combining several senses at once? It is especially true when I'm eating with my bare hands. I sorta like it. Maybe I have to try sitting with girl on carpet at fireplace, naked, both eating food with bare hands and feeding eachother transitioning into sex.

Food-porn is about looking at pictures of food, for the most part, and watching it on cooking shows where the focus is not on a celebrity chef but on the food itself. I suppose it could be used as a euphemism for food as an aphrodisiac if you wanted it to be.

I have a friend on Fakebook and we talk in chat about what we had for dinner a lot. If it sounds really good, we'll write, "FOODGASM!"
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