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After a lot of internal searching and logistical discussions it looks like we are moving toward co-habitation in the relatively near future. 18 months into building family stability and acceptance and we are perhaps 5 months away from me moving into their suite. That will give us nearly two years of growth and building foundations. Polynerdist and I are at the point of deep friendship and mutual respect for the love that we both have for Redpepper. Their son is healthy and our relationship has evolved beyond my own expectations. Our families are completely aware and each support us in their own way...or at least tolerate us LOL!

Most importantly, Redepper and I have developed a love and friendship that is beyond the struggles we have faced with resolve to move towards one goal...being together in a mutually healthy way that adds to our lives.

We are family now..that won't change, regardless of what ever else does. I am confident that our bonds are solidified in the mortar of friendship.

18 months with eyes wide open.

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