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I am finding the more I enter and am interested in the D/s world that female doms are a triggering source for some dom males. Has anyone experienced this? I hope MsStacey has something to say.... as she is the only one I have known of on here that has even come close to where I am at... or anyone else I am not familiar with in this way perhaps?

Feeling a tad marginalized Especially after those lovely words that LR added. They made me feel as if I don't belong. I realize that they wrote this for their own life and didn't mean to put it on me, but I am different in the D/s realm specifically because I am female, I would not of written the dom part the way it is written above .... Totally nothing to do with the two of you LR and Maca, but as I have had a need to add up what I am good at and what I want to do with my life in the last week, as I am about to lose my job, all I am good at is bossing people around writing about poly and cleaning peoples faces and asses (at work, dirty minded people! ).
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