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Originally Posted by angel2fire View Post
We are all due to go on holiday together in a few weeks and I'm really really nervous. What if I say something that makes one of them feel jealous... what if I spend too much time with one and not the other :\
First off, I would say let them control their own jealousy. You cant be pussy footing around trying to protect everyone. If everyone is aware of the situation, and is comfortable, then it should be "fine" might take some discussion afterwards.

You might want to do a search for jealousy on the forums so you can understand potential reasons why and healthy ways of dealing with it.

Anyway, sorry for the essay.
Essays are par for the course here ...

I think one thing you will find is everyone has a different way of dealing. Some have full disclosure, some have partial etc. You need to understand your partners and how they are to completely make that judgement

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