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Originally Posted by Justbeloving View Post
This is an old thread but being new here and exploring this wonderful forum I would like to comment.

For some time now I too have felt that there is a "shift" happening. Significant to me personally, the awareness that has enveloped me has brought me to where I am now. Difficult to express in most circles is the fact that this inhibited woman developed into a sexually expressive woman as my relationship to my heavenly Father developed true intimacy. Never in a million years did I feel it possible or necessary to "talk" to Him about my sexuality and my feelings concerning that aspect of my life. Who prays during sex? Sadly, not many have even thought of the idea or if they have it was considered wrong. My relationship with Him, the ability to express all of my hurts, fears and desires & recieving His immense love & thoughts about me brought me to polyamory. Mind you, I was never aware that there was such a word or way of life. I only knew about polygamy. My knowledge of polygamy was limited to the oppression and control of women of which left a bad taste in my mouth.

Outside of myself and in my circle of influence, I have observed minds becoming open, an external awareness of others and the epiphanies of our connectedness they experience. I've seen church elders finally accept exciting new ways of worship, breaking away from the dogma of tradition. I could go on forever...

It's beautiful and exciting to observe in others and experience ourselves. It gives me hope in my heart that one day we can all, justbeloving.
This is beautiful!!

I really like this video: Sex can most definitely be sacred and spiritual.

I'm glad you've opened up and found a new perspectiveE

Originally Posted by idealist View Post
I heard this recently. "Humans are the universe becoming aware of itself."
YES!! This is amazing, I've "known" this since I was little, but there were so few people I could talk to this way. I would extend this beyond humans. Everything is conscious. The Universe is expanding and learning about itself through consciousness.

When you see it this way, the stories of our lives become just stories. And you can hold within you the awareness that you are the Universe, experiencing this life. Love with others is love with yourself is.... love...

Originally Posted by weareone View Post
relationships will change from being about sex to being about oneness. So I have started to study tantric sex as I'm very interested in energy and how wonderful this oneness experience is and how to bring it into my sex life. Seems like many men are scared of me right about now. lol There is a large group of oneness blessors collecting more and more as 2012 approaches. you can google oneness blessing or Deeksha if you are interested in the movement spearheaded by Sri Amma Baghavan and the oneness university in India. Serious movement occurring but more needs to help usher in 2012. I can see poly becoming more and more normal at least for me.
I looked it up, thanks for the info. How wonderful!
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