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Quote -It just seems to me that being open to loving many is congruent with being open to recognizing that we're all "ONE". - end quote

That is what has brought me here. I have had my spiritual awakening and was wondering how it will manifest in my love life. one of the teacher's I like Adyashanti says relationships will change from being about sex to being about oneness. So I have started to study tantric sex as I'm very interested in energy and how wonderful this oneness experience is and how to bring it into my sex life. Seems like many men are scared of me right about now. lol There is a large group of oneness blessors collecting more and more as 2012 approaches. you can google oneness blessing or Deeksha if you are interested in the movement spearheaded by Sri Amma Baghavan and the oneness university in India. Serious movement occurring but more needs to help usher in 2012. I can see poly becoming more and more normal at least for me.
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