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I would gladly move posts around if I had the time and inclination. Some mod I am, I don't get how to do any of that... perhaps send a PM to someone else who mods? heh. *embarrassed*

I think this is a case of "slow down." Geesh, why is everyone in such a hurry to have fantastic relationships. I have never experienced *fantastic* when it's rushed, just NRE.

Note to the OP, not the woman, the man OP,,,, (see this is why it's confusing)... in my opinion you need to slow down, stop adding lovers to your list and concentrate on what you have damaged. Take the time to allow healing to happen and show your original partner how much you love her, are sorry and are willing to build trust again. She obviously needs this if she is going to trust you again and have a strong connection with you... how do I know this? Because she is complaining that she doesn't trust you... you are sounding selfish in your post and that to me is a big red flag.
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