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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Happiness comes from Within...Yeah Right!
I think the truth is that the ability to create your own happiness comes from within .
Hm, a good point. It's a subtle difference, but I think I understand what you're saying.

Originally Posted by sage's Blog
The subtle, but crucial difference is that ‘happiness comes from within’ always made me feel deficient. To most people looking in I had a wonderful life, but because I was often unhappy it was as if there was something fundamentally wrong with me. If I could only fix myself I would be happy. Had I interpreted that statement as being about taking responsibility for my own happiness, I’m sure I would have felt more empowered to change the things I was unhappy about.
"Happiness comes from within" makes it sound like we're all "secretly happy on the inside" just waiting for that happiness to magically be released. That's not at all what I believe.

"the ability to create your own happiness comes from within" makes a lot more sense. It's saying that whether or not we're happy right now, we all have within ourselves the power to make changes which will make us happy. Some of those changes may need to be external, and undoubtably some will need to be internal. We can't always change our surroundings. Sometimes all we can truly change is how we feel about them.

I often use the term "find happiness", which implies to me that it's something either lost or missing... not that it's sitting around "within" just waiting to be discovered.
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