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Well I would like to suggest that the cheating is no doubt where most of this is coming from. Cheating flat out destroys many things and trust is the biggest. Why would you want to trust him and feel good about your connection after? He's got a lot of work to do to make it up to you.

First off, spending more amounts of time with you would be a good place to start. In time you will find that you are more comfortable and able to say to him that you want him to be with his other love. This is how compersion is built.....not on demanding time with you partner, but being able to give them the space to have time together,,,, all in the positive, never in the negative. Of course usually relationships are not like that, it's all about take and not about give. It's amazing what is achieved when things are not forced on others and allowed to take shape according to the one having the most struggle.
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