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Originally Posted by Danny40179 View Post
You say that you don't "think" that she's on the same page. What has she told you? Is she ok with expressing her feelings about this to you?

Congrats on being able to finally spit it out. I know how tough that can be at times, and I also know how AMAZING it feels when you can really really be honest with your spouse. It's to the point where people tell us that we tell each other TOO much, which of course is just silly to us. I'm not sure there's such a thing as too much communication in a relationship.
My wife has said that she isn't crazy about the idea of seeing me with another woman. She has also said a couple times early on that perhaps it is something that she needs to work on & can get over. I think that that statement may have set me up to hope... She knew that I was intrigued by the two of them but my discussion about wanting to be more intimate... lets just say that she didn't say much to give me that hope except to let it evolve naturally.

At his time I don't know if I should sit down with her & really get it out to her of what I want, or sit back & leave it be.

BTW... This really began with the two of them. I was the husband who was ok with it & was glad to be secure enough to give my blessing. Their affection for each other was not hidden from me & as time went on I became more attracted to the "situation".. now here I am, wanting
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