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Originally Posted by Danny40179 View Post
Just a question. Have you been talking to your wife about your feelings? As the feelings come up?
Yes I have. I first informed her of my fondness for our friend a few weeks ago & have discussed it a few times since, sometimes with frustrating results for me. The last time we discussed it was about a week ago or so... before that I was beating around the bush somewhat but the last talk I was able to "say it".. "I want the three of us to have a more intimate relationship".

This was a breakthrough for me. It felt good to "spit it out".. lol. My wife is an awsome gal & she was very understanding, however I still think that we aren't on the same page ... yet. I explained to her that it was about the three of us & not me wandering off into another relationship. We agreed to let things evolve naturally. Still though, I don't think that she currently has any interest in my involvement as a triad relationship... I hope that time & my patients will pay off ...hb

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