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Default Hello and thanks for your story

This thread has given me a lot to think about, so thanks for that. While our situations are not quite the same, you have given me insight on how my husband may be feeling about a lady in our lives.

He, like you, is supportive of my relationship with her, but it is clear he is just waiting for the word to share that with us. When we all first started talking about the possibilities, we all kissed and cuddled together, and it was wonderful, but it wasn't quite right yet. She and I did lots of talking after that and have grown very close and developed hard-won trust between us, that has blossomed into a physical relationship. It's terrible how women are taught to be in constant combat with each other, and I think that has a lot to do with it.

The advice you've been getting would be right on if it were about my situation. I know my husband longs for that closeness with us together, but I think I need time to settle in, because it's such an emotional ride being so loved by him and not wanting to threaten our beautiful marriage, being so wanted by her in a way I've never been mature enough to appreciate before
and at the same time coming to terms with their attraction for each other- it's a lot.

Have fun with it. There are lots of creative ways you can experience the passion between them. And it is very important to not only tell, but show her that you are supportive of and turned on by the connection you feel to both of them. It blows my mind more than anything else when my husband sincerely supports my journey and is excited about it, because he trusts me to keep him safe and well loved.
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